Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing

Can you defend yourself against potential threats?

  • <p>Hacking</p> 62%
  • <p>Malware</p> 51%
  • <p>Social Attacks</p> 43%
  • <p>Privilege Misuse</p> 14%

In 2016, 75 percent of all data breaches were perpetrated by outsiders, and 73 percent of all breaches were financially motivated.

2017 Data Breach Investigations Report

Your network infrastructure and systems can be vulnerable to attack. Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing can seek out known vulnerabilities, and exploit weaknesses in your network, systems, applications and processes to determine your organizational risk.

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are an essential part of an organization’s information security strategy.

Together, our penetration testing and vulnerability assessment tools can help efficiently determine existing vulnerabilities and gaps within your systems and networks. By exploiting weaknesses, we can help you better understand the implications of potential attacks on your organization, and help you identify opportunities to improve systems, processes, policies and procedures.

At Lark Security, we help you defend your network against the latest threats.

  • We profile: We examine your network, infrastructure, applications, facilities, processes and more to determine your organization’s vulnerabilities and its ability to defend itself against malicious threats.
  • We identify: We continually scan your networks, systems, applications and devices to identify vulnerabilities.
  • We analyze and report: We analyze the findings and report the weaknesses and gaps in security we found, as well as recommended steps to mitigate these vulnerabilities.

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