Welcome to the future. The age of working from home and washing your hands to the ABC’s, Happy Birthday, etc. The water cooler is now a video conference or chat room. I know most of us are eager to get back to the office, and we all remain hopeful that day will come sooner rather than later.

What if, when that day comes, if it’s not what we expect? What if this is the “New Normal”? How do we adapt what we have done in a physical office world and ensure in this new technology tied environment that we stay secure?
That question is why we launched The New Normal. The New Normal is here to talk with industry-leading experts on what the transition looked like when being forced to work remotely practically overnight. What problems did they have? What solutions have they come up with to solve them? What problems do we have now, a month later? What do we think The New Normal is going to be in 6 months? How about a year from now?

We have been talking with our friends over at Cypress Data Defense about what challenges we both have been navigating with our customers, and what we think the new normal might look like. Most importantly, how does the “new normal” look for cybersecurity? So we decided to host a forum together where we can all share our experiences and collectively benefit from the lessons we are all learning.

The format looks like this:

Every other Thursday, at 10 am MST, we will host a virtual meeting with a panel and a moderator. Guests are encouraged to ask any questions they have in the chat function of the meeting, and the moderator will get to them when appropriate. Some episodes will have sponsors that are relevant to the topic or cause.

We are excited to announce that our first episode will be Thursday. April 30th, 2020. Guests and panel members are TBD at this point, if you would like to be on submissions are welcome here.

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