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Risk assessments are vital to any organization’s information security and internal audit plan. An information security risk assessment evaluates potential incidents that could affect an organization’s sensitive data and operations. The goal of the risk assessment is to provide assurance that the organization has identified threats and other security risk as well as addressed the risk to protect the organizational information assets. Following the risk assessment organizations develop their Risk Assessment Framework. The Risk Assessment Framework helps the organization prioritize, address and plan for potential incidents that have been identified.


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Effective Risk Assessment programs are:


Structured to address the objectives of the business and generate consistent results


Integrated to identify and address risk across all areas of the organization


Inclusive to consider the views and concerns across all stakeholders


Flexible to respond to organizational changes and other risk


Comprehensive to include historical and current data


Constructive to help identify required control measures that will address risk

Benefits of a Security Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments allow organizations to identify risk, analyze risk and evaluate risk. There are many benefits to conducting regular risk assessment including:

Developing an accurate inventory of business assets

Identifying and reducing potential risk

Improving information security programs

Meeting the objectives of regulatory compliance requirements and other business stakeholders

Budgeting and justifying cost for security programs

Lark Security Risk Assessment

Lark Security helps organizations build and implement their IT Risk Assessment programs. Our risk assessment methodology is tailored to meet the requirements and information security objectives of our clients. We begin with an initial review of the organization’s context, obligations and processes. We then assist our clients with developing risk criteria and defining how each risk will be measured. Finally, we work systematically to identify threats and vulnerabilities as well as risk mitigation, applying compensating controls and reporting.

Lark Security Risk Management Experts will help you:


Develop your comprehensive Risk Assessment Framework – including a third party risk management program.


Conduct your risk analysis and identify threats and vulnerabilities


Evaluate each risk against defined risk criteria


Provide Remediation Support to mitigate risk.


Provide final Risk Assessment Report as required regulatory audit and certifications.


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Risk Reduction Recommendations

Lark Security Risk Assessment Process

Risk Assessment

Network: We use the latest tools to review your current and future network state and potential behavior.

Application: We take an ongoing, long-term, logical approach to the risk management lifecycle, focusing on the complete process.

Facilities and Physical Security: We help you anticipate, detect, prevent and recover from potential accidental and malicious hazards and events.

Risk Management

Policy and Procedures: By weighing risks and analyzing changes in existing regulations, we help create and ensure effective, appropriate policies and procedures.

Governance: We help direct and monitor InfoSec programs, providing oversight and an accountability framework to ensure risks are adequately mitigated.

Validation: Through ongoing oversight, we help ensure that security products, programs and systems are working as expected.


Controls: We help you implement policies, procedures, platforms and systems to close security gaps and help alleviate underlying risk.

System Configuration: To help avoid potential threats, we help manage, update and improve your network and systems, while ensuring well-defined processes are in.

Disaster Recovery

Define Restore Points and Time Objectives: We work to determine what is critical to your business to create optimal disaster recovery strategies, technologies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures: We create written, structured documentation for responding to unplanned incidents that threaten your network and systems.

Deploy Solutions: We deploy comprehensive recovery solutions, including systems that backup data and plans, provide redundant capacity and address staff redundancy.

Test and Validate: We test the plan and all systems on a regular basis to determine plan validation or to assess, resolve and eliminate plan flaws or glitches.

Lark Security provides Information Security Risk Assessments to identify gaps in IT security processes and infrastructure as well as meet regulatory requirements for:


HIPAA Risk Assessment


HITRUST Risk Assessment


PCI DSS Risk Assessment


FedRAMP Risk Assessment


SOC 1/ SOC 2 Risk Assessment


CMMC Risk Assessment


ISO Risk Assessment


NIST 800-53 Risk Assessment


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  • What is a Risk Assessment?

    A Risk Assessment is a necessary undertaking that aims to identify, analyze and evaluate an organization’s potential threats and vulnerabilities.

  • How to perform an IT Risk Assessment?

    IT Risk Assessments evaluate risk and provide organizations with information so they can to address threats and vulnerabilities. IT Risk Assessments can effectively be completed using industry standard frameworks such as NIST and ISO 27001.

  • What is Risk Management?

    Risk management refers to the process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating potential threats and vulnerabilities – then implementing controls to minimize or eliminate the risks.

  • Why is Risk Management important?

    Risk causes uncertainty and endangers a company’s assets - by identifying and mitigating risk, organizations can protect themselves and comply with regulatory requirements.

  • What is a Risk Assessment Framework?

    A Risk Assessment Framework shares the details of an organization’s risk assessment as well as prioritizes each risk that needs to be addressed and informs on potential consequences if the risk happens.

  • How can organizations mitigate risk?

    An organization may minimize or eliminate their risk by implementing security controls, retaining the risk, avoiding the risk or sharing the risk.

  • How to do a risk assessment?

    Lark Security will assist you in completing your risk assessment, mitigating risk and the necessary documentation required for regulatory compliance. Download our FREE Risk Assessment Template to start planning for your Risk Assessment.

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