Risk Management and Assessment

Threats are evolving. Can your organization afford the risk?

  • Resolution Cost: >$500K 53% 53%
  • Resolution Cost: $100K – $499K 17% 17%
  • Resolution Cost: < $100K 30% 30%

53% of attacks result in damages of $500,000 or more.

Cisco 2018 Security Capabilities Benchmark Study

Security breaches and attacks can have a massive impact, causing short-term and long-term financial and reputational damage that can take months or years to resolve.

An effective risk management and assessment program is no longer a luxury. It’s a key part of doing business.

At Lark Security, we look at the big picture, while also taking into account your day-to-day business. That means assessing your organization’s exposure, business threats, overall security posture and framework, and then actively seeking out vulnerabilities and applying common sense risk management strategies to securely move your business forward.

We are your trusted partner in helping you assess, manage and remediate all phases of enterprise risk:

Network: We utilize a variety of the latest tools to review your current and future network state and potential behavior.

Application: We take an ongoing, long-term, logical approach to the risk management lifecycle, focusing on the complete process.

Facilities and Physical Security: We help you anticipate, detect, prevent and recover from potential accidental and malicious hazards and events.

Policy and Procedures: By weighing risks and analyzing changes in existing regulations, we help create and ensure effective, appropriate policies and procedures.

Governance: We help direct and monitor InfoSec programs, providing oversight and an accountability framework to ensure risks are adequately mitigated.

Validation: Through ongoing oversight, we help ensure that security products, programs and systems are working as expected.

Controls: We help you implement policies, procedures, platforms and systems to close security gaps and help alleviate underlying risk.

System Configuration: To help avoid potential threats, we help manage, update and improve your network and systems, while ensuring well-defined processes are in place.

Define Restore Point and Time Objectives: We work to determine what is critical to your business to create optimal disaster recovery strategies, technologies and procedures.

Policies and Procedures: We create written, structured documentation for responding to unplanned incidents that threaten your network and systems.

Deploy Solutions: We deploy comprehensive recovery solutions, including systems that backup data and plans, provide redundant capacity and address staff redundancy.

Test and Validate: We test the plan and all systems on a regular basis to determine plan validation or to assess, resolve and eliminate plan flaws or glitches.

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