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When it comes to security, the world of healthcare technology and compliance can be a complicated place. The HITRUST CSF was developed to address the multitude of security, privacy and regulatory challenges facing organizations when handling sensitive personal and financial data.

As an authorized HITRUST CSF Assessor, Lark Security has the expertise to guide your organization through the entire HITRUST journey, from readiness planning to final validated assessment.

The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) was founded in 2007 to help healthcare companies and organizations across all industries safeguard sensitive information and manage risk. Today, the HITRUST Common Risk and Compliance frameworks, assessments and assurance methodologies are widely adopted.

At the foundation of all its programs is the HITRUST Common Security Framework (HITRUST CSF). The HITRUST CSF harmonizes the requirements of existing standards and regulations, including Federal (HIPAA, HITECH), third party (PCI, COBIT) and government (NIST, FTC, GDPR, ISO), into a single, comprehensive and flexible information security framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls. And because the HITRUST CSF is both risk- and compliance-based, organizations can tailor the security control baselines based on a variety of factors including organization type, size, systems, and regulatory requirements.

In order to achieve HITRUST Certification, an organization must demonstrate that its people, processes and systems comply with the HITRUST requirements.

Lark Security is an Approved HITRUST CSF Assessor and is authorized by the HITRUST Alliance to provide HITRUST Gap Assessment, HITRUST Readiness and HITRUST Validation.

As an authorized Assessor, Lark Security provides highly trained resources to assess compliance with security control requirements and document corrective action plans that align with the HITRUST CSF. Our people are experienced IT professionals too, making them uniquely qualified to identify and remediate security weaknesses.


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What are the Benefits of being HITRUST Certified?

The HITRUST CSF Certification is the most widely recognized security control framework for the healthcare industry and an increasingly recognized framework across industries globally. There are many benefits to being HITRUST Certified:


Increased credibility as a trustworthy organization (competitive advantage)


Reduced risk of data breaches


Clear, actionable guidelines


Maximized security with regular updates


Provides a way of demonstrating and managing security across your organization


Helps save time and money, with only one assessment to generate multiple reports


Efficiently and effectively manage third-party risk


Enables Business Associates to operate from the same roadmap as their clients


Satisfies the requirements to work with many healthcare organizations

Lark Security HITRUST Gap Assessment

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Any organization that creates, stores, accesses or transmits personal identifiable information (PII) can utilize the HITRUST CSF as a benchmark for data security and compliance.

A HITRUST Gap Assessment is the best first step to understanding how your current security controls measure up to the HITRUST CSF and what you can do to meet the security and compliance requirements.

Lark Security will work with you to identify gaps and remediate controls to get you ready for a seamless HITRUST Audit.

If you are ready to go straight to the audit; Lark Security is an authorized HITRUST CSF Assessor.



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Trusted & Experienced HITRUST Advisors

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Lark Security HITRUST Readiness Experts will help you:

Assess the scope of the HITRUST Assessment

Provide scope reduction recommendations to secure your environment

Conduct a HITRUST Gap Assessment to meet your Cybersecurity Objectives.

Provide Remediation Support to Address Gaps.


Why work with us!


End-to-End Solution for HITRUST Certification

Trusted & Experienced HITRUST Assessors

HITRUST Risk Assessment Provided

Testing needed for HITRUST certification and assessment of the results (included)

Expertise in understanding how HITRUST applies to businesses associates and third parties

Lark Security HITRUST Readiness Assessment & HITRUST Certification

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Lark Security is an Approved HITRUST CSF Assessor and is authorized by the HITRUST Alliance to provide HITRUST Readiness and HITRUST Validated Assessment.

A HITRUST CSF Certificate demonstrates that an organization is compliant with HITRUST and cares about the security of sensitive data within their networks.

Lark Security HITRUST Assessors will help you:

Verify the scope of your HITRUST Assessment & Review Your Evidence.

Build Your Assessment in the HITRUST MyCSF Portal

Guide You Through all the requirements of the audit

Perform the HITRUST Audit within the HITRUST MyCSF portal

Interact with HITRUST until your HITRUST Certificate or Validated Report is achieved

What are the 19 Domains of HITRUST CSF?

The HITRUST CSF consists of 19 reporting domains that can be met across 149 HITRUST Controls. The domains represent common and fundamental elements of compliance that can be applied broadly across organizations of all industries.


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HITRUST Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is HITRUST?

    The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) incorporates various regulations and standards to provide a single security and privacy framework that is customizable and certifiable – the HITRUST Common Security Framework (HITRUST CSF).

  • What is the HITRUST Alliance?

    HITRUST Alliance is the not-for-profit division of HITRUST. HITRUST is governed by a core management team and an executive council of leaders across multiple industries. HITRUST also has a for-profit division called HITRUST Services Corp.

  • What is HITRUST CSF?

    The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) is a certifiable security framework that provides organizations with a comprehensive, flexible and efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management.

  • Who needs HITRUST?

    HITRUST compliance is a requirement for all major healthcare providers within the UnitedUnites States. Organizations across all industries and sizes can also use HITRUST to safeguard sensitive information and manage their risk.

  • What is HITRUST Certification?

    HITRUST Certification is a validated assessment performed by a 3rd party assessor that has been deemed compliant by the HITRUST Alliance.

  • What is HITRUST MyCSF?

    HITRUST MyCSF is a software as a service (SaaS) platform provided by HITRUST Alliance to manage risk assessment, corrective planning and assessment. The platform provides a secure repository for all aspects of the assessment including, evidence collection and support, assessment tracking, corrective planning and communications.

  • How to get HITRUST Certification?

    Start with a HITRUST Gap Assessment to help you identify and remediate controls before starting your audit! Lark Security is an Approved HITRUST CSF Assessor and is authorized by the HITRUST Alliance to provide HITRUST Readiness Support and Certification.

  • How many controls are required for HITRUST?

    The HITRUST CSF consists of 19 reporting domains that can be met across 156 HITRUST Controls. Lark Security can assist with both HITRUST Readiness and HITRUST Certification.

  • How long does it take to get HITRUST Certified?

    While this largely depends on the maturity of your privacy and security controls, as well as the resources available for the audit; a good average is between 7 months to 10 months.

  • What is a HITRUST Report?

    A HITRUST Report is issued to an organization by HITRUST Alliance following an assessment done by an independent third-party assessor. Lark Security is an Approved HITRUST CSF Assessor and is authorized by the HITRUST Alliance to assess organizations to HITRUST.

  • HITRUST Certification vs Validation?

    A HITRUST CSF Validated Assessment is performed by an approved 3rd party assessor and submitted to HITRUST for Quality Assurance and Certification. A certification is issued by HITRUST if the validated assessment determines the organization to be compliant with the minimum controls and implementation levels required by HITRUST for compliance to the CSF framework

  • What is a HITRUST Gap Analysis?

    A HITRUST Gap Analysis or HITRUST Gap Assessment is the best first step to understanding how your current security controls measure up to the HITRUST CSF and what you can do to meet the security and compliance requirements.

  • How long is a HITRUST CSF Certification valid?

    A HITRUST Certificate is valid for 2 years. The first year is a full assessment; year two is an interim assessment.

  • What is the difference between HIPAA and HITRUST?

    HIPAA is a law (created by lawmakers) while HITRUST is a framework (created by a collective of security experts). HITRUST includes aspects of HIPAA and can be used to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA.

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