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Lark Security’s log monitoring services empower organizations to identify threats and build resilient incident response plans.

Log monitoring refers to the process in which an organization evaluates and reviews log data as it is collected. Log monitoring uses log analyzer tools and software to identify and alert on specific/ configured events within system logs and application logs; thereby empowering the business to use the data they collect from their log management program for log analysis and log analytics. Log monitoring and log analysis ultimately enables organizations to make improvements to business processes, assets, security and compliance. 

Log monitoring is an important part of any log management program as it involves actually evaluating the data that is collected from your assets. Application Performance Monitoring and Network Performance Monitoring includes not only monitoring and aggregating logs but also effectively evaluating the data to bring value to the business. Log monitoring will evaluate aspects including response time, bandwidth and memory usage to provide alerts on glitches and abnormalities that your IT team can evaluate and remediate on.


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Log monitoring can be categorized across the following groups depending on organizational scope:

Network Monitoring

Ensures network devices such as firewalls and routers are working properly and includes network traffic monitoring and network performance monitoring.

Application Monitoring

Ensures timely detection and troubleshooting from applications logs.

Server Monitoring

Monitors and tracks traffic, errors and other logs from \ servers.

Database Monitoring

Monitors and reports on errors and other logs from databases.

Cloud Monitoring

Includes AWS log monitoring and collects log data from cloud resources.

Why is Log Monitoring important?

There are many benefits to having a reliable

log monitoring solution:


Improved visibility across your entire IT environment.

Aggregated storage for all system and application logs

Ongoing system monitoring with alerts for security incidents

Enhanced troubleshooting

Advanced security across your organization

Compliance to industry standards and regulations

Lark Security Log Monitoring

Lark Security helps organizations build, implement and manage their ongoing log monitoring programs.

Our log monitoring processes are tailored to meet the requirements and objectives of our clients.

Lark Security Log Monitoring Experts will help you:


Develop your log monitoring program objectives and processes


Document your log monitoring process and log monitoring policies


Configure the best log monitoring tools to meet your objectives


Provide guidance on best practice for transmitting, analyzing, storing, archiving and disposal of log information


Analyze log data to improve your troubleshooting and overall IT security program


Report on the log monitoring program to meet the requirements of your IT security audits.


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  • What is logging?

    Logging refers to system logs (syslogs), generated by events occurring in applications or on devices. The events logged are used to monitor activity on systems and can be useful in detecting abnormal or unauthorized activity. Logs are generally collected by a central system for analysis.

  • What is log monitoring?

    Log monitoring is the process of using log monitoring tools to review and evaluate log data as it is collected.

  • What is a log?

    Logs are files that show recorded events from systems and applications - including event details and dates.

  • What is a log file?

    A log file refers to an automated file that details information on activities from IT assets.

  • What is centralized logging?

    Centralized logging allows organizations to collect, store, analyze and alert real-time logs from a central repository.

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